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Carmen Touza

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Carmen Touza

Carmen Touza
  Carmen Touza, Pontevedra painter.
Her background is autodidact, with a clearly vocation for painting.  In 1965 she moves to Germany, where she lives during a decade and acquires a solid pictorial training. She meets there Walter Womacka, with whom she establish a solid friendship and carries out several painting workshops with him in his studio in Berlin.
Because of this friendship with Womacka, she meets Gerhard Richter, one of the best German painters of the moment, who guides her in her vocation and style, and helps her in her training.
When she comes back to Spain, she carries out workshops with Modest Cuixart, Guinovart, Eduardo Úrculo, Jaume Ponç and Jaume Coll, ex-dean of the Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona.
She combines her painting studies between Germany and Tenerife, where she decides to settle in.
Years later, she returns to her native land, Pontevedra, where she lives and works nowadays, surrounded by a world of smells coming from her flowers.
She has carried out exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Spain, USA and Portugal, individually as well as in collective exhibitions. Her work is found in collections from Germany, Argentina, USA, France, Italy, Japan and of course, in many painting collections in Spain.

The essences descend to this world to join the matter and fertilize it, giving it a substantial shape. Descent without which it wouldn’t be favourable if the artist was not precisely a creator, but rather a gazer. The artist is a medium, his life is maybe a pretext. Sometimes happens that art and life, in perfect relationship and loyal marriage, melt in such a way, that art turns into art of living and life…. Life so loved in dreams, dreams to paint, and to paint, of course, in this case, dreams.

Carlos Modesto Contreras
(Of the catalog in the exposition in Caja of Burgos. Aranda of Duero, January  2010)

Portada del catálogo de la exposición en el Auditorio Municipal de Cangas. Enero 2010
Cover of the catalog of the exposition at Cangas's Municipal Conference Hall. January 2010