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Sergio Vázquez Santiago Curriculum

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Drawings 2008 (new).  Drawings. Oil paintings, Technique mised. Wood. Biography.
El artista en su estudio Sergio Vázquez Santiago, painter, great sketcher and artist working the carved and painted wood, was born in Narón the 15 of  June of 1939. He studied the high school in Ferrol and, being aged, the degree of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. Inclined towards drawing and painting from his first years, with determined vocation, he began to cultivate both activities in a professional way in 1962, when he exposed his work for the first time.

Before 1962 and after that date, Sergio Vázquez acquired trade through different initiatives. He visited very often the studios of other artists, mainly in Ferrol and Madrid. It  was in this city where he worked also in the free lessons of the Madrid’s Circle of Fine Arts, where he improved his knowledge in anatomical drawing, obtaining finally the Prado’s Museum copyist card.

In order to complete his training, Sergio Vázquez visited also the most important museums with pictorial work in the Northwest of Spain, foundations such as "Piñole" and "Evaristo del Valle" in Asturias, museums of Fine Arts in Santander, "Catedralicio" and "Vela Zanetti" in León, the "Esteban Vicente" and "Zuloaga" in Segovia, the "Art Nouveau" in Salamanca, etc. Provided with such backgroud, Sergio Vázquez looked for his own artistic personality. He tested shapes and techniques, trying not to be categorized, although he always had a trend towards expressionism. In that selfsearch he studied mainly the nature as a very loved source of inspiration: the fields, the mountains, the sea... That justifies the predominance of the landscapes and still life among his productions until the nineties.

An introspective analysis of strong philosophical reflection, about the constant evolution of man and his destiny after death, took him to direct his artistic production towards the symbolic expressions of that evolution. This was made through anthropomorphous beings and geometric shapes anthropomorphous,  where he mixed elements painted, fixed or carved on diverse materials (fabrics, plasters, marble’s dust, wood, etc.) that he combined to obtain aesthetic effects of unquestionable impact.

In this last stage of his task, wich characterizes Sergio in the last decade, his skills in wooden carpentry are revealed. Sergio use these abilities to give to his pictures an added value simply decorative. Preferring to  consider himself as a person than an artist, Sergio Vázquez is a paladin of the people’s freedom and of his own. He defines himself, in art, like an anxious seeker, who works to achieve the skill of the trade, trying to create something where it wasn’t previously.

Special admirer of the styles Renaissance and Baroque, enthusiastic reader of art books, Sergio prides on having born with the gift of knowing how to see in the space, and to value, through the senses of sight and tact, all the states of the wood.
As sketcher and painter he prefers the easel’s pictures to the murals. Despite his few exhibitions (little more than a dozen), he left nobody indifferent, neither the public, nor the critics.
He made 12 exhibitions between 1962 and 2006, without taking into account two intermediate periods of time (1980-84 and 1994-99) when he wanted to remain off the exhibitions. They were the following:
1962 Sala de Arte del Palacio Municipal, Ferrol
1963 Sala de Arte del Palacio Municipal, Ferrol
  Asociación de artistas, La Coruña
1970 Sala de Arte del Palacio Municipal, Ferrol
1975 Sala de Arte del Palacio Municipal, Ferrol
1987 Casino de Ares, (La Coruña)
1989 Galería Orfila, Madrid
1992 Galería Museum, Madrid
1993 Vila do Conde (Portugal), colectiva.
1999 Sala de Exposiciones, Hostal de Los Reyes Católicos, Santiago de Compostela.
2000 Centro Cultural Torrente Ballester, El Ferrol.
2006 Museo Municipal de Ourense. Orense.