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Sergio Vázquez Santiago, artist painter.

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Drawings 2008 (new). DrawingsOil paintings, Technique mised. WoodBiography.
El artista en su estudio Sergio Vázquez Santiago, painter and draughtsman, as well as a talented sculptor on carved and painted wood. Born in the small town of Narón, the 15th of June, 1939; he attended secondary school in the neighbouring town of Ferrol. Once an adult, he graduated on Fine Arts in Pontevedra.

Gifted for drawing and painting from the earliest age, and with a clear vocation, he began his professional career in painting around 1962, when the first exhibition of his works took place.

For a period of time, he worked in the free lessons for the "Círculo de Bellas Artes" institution (Fine Arts Circle) in Madrid, becoming finally registered as a copyist by The Prado Museum. Despite his few exhibitions (little more than a dozen) nobody was indifferent to his talent, neither the public, nor the critics.

Extremely meticulous and perfectionist as a draughtsman, his main features as an oil painter are his strong brush stroke and his great temperament. He has used a great variety of materials to shape his work: tissues, plaster, marble dust, sand, carved and painted wood, etc.

Descendimiento, dibujo sobre papel. 140 X 120 cm.
Descent from the cross. Drawing on paper. Big Format. 140 X 130 cm
Bodegón, óleo sobre tela. 120 X 100 cm
Still life, oil painting on tissue.
Big Format.120 X 140 cm.
Ya no les vale de nada. Madera pintada
No longer useful for them.
Collage of wood, tissue, oil, marble dust and acrylics.. 120 X 100 cm